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The Research on Ivermectin and Covid

Interest in the antiparasitic drug Ivermectin has increased drastically as of late thanks to the bel ...View More

Relative Risks of Acetaminophen, ADHD, and Autism

You've probably heard before that acetaminophen during pregnancy is associated with symptoms of ADHD ...View More

The Delta Variant and Vaccine Protection

What's the deal with Covid variants? How well do the different Covid vaccines protect against the se ...View More

Alcoholics Anonymous vs Other Treatments

Alcoholics Anonymous has long been a treatment for alcoholism, and many, many addiction experts and  ...View More

Are Milk and Fruit Juice Healthy Drinks for Kids?

To start comparing quotes and simplify insurance-buying check out Policygenius: https://policygenius ...View More

Socioeconomic Disparity and Inequality Even Extend to Breathing

Individuals with higher socioeconomic status may enjoy a longer life, but we haven't precisely pinne ...View More

Does CBD Improve Mental Health?

CBD is so hot right now. The compound is being added to everything from gummies to lattes, attached  ...View More

Buprenorphine Regulations and Better Treatment of Addiction

We face a lot of obstacles on the road to ending the opioid crisis, and one of them revolves around  ...View More

Patterns from a Year of Covid Data

Now that we've been dealing with Covid-19 for over a year, we have a lot of information to help us u ...View More

New CDC Mask Guidance for Vaccinated People

Lots of people are vaccinated against Covid-19 now and wondering what that means for their daily liv ...View More

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