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  Alternative Medicine  

Exercise Is Good, and Here's the Evidence

Maybe not quite all the evidence, but we've looked at a lot of the benefits of exercise over the yea ...View More

The Drug Shortage Putting Newborns at Risk

For some women, a simple shot during pregnancy and then right after labor can prevent a huge amount  ...View More

What Kind of Exercise Is Best for Depression?

We already know exercise is good for us, including our mental health, but we still have some questio ...View More

Is Acetaminophen Safe for Pregnant People?

We've got new and improved data on the relationship between acetaminophen use during pregnancy and d ...View More

Does Intermittent Fasting Increase Heart Attack Risk 91%?

Sigh. Nutrition research is often bad, and how we talk about it is even worse. If you believe the hy ...View More

New Obesity Drugs May Impact Mental Health

In mid to late 2023 there was a flurry of news reports about patients taking new weight loss drugs r ...View More

A Preemptive Strike on Food Allergy Reactions

If you or someone you love has a life-threatening food allergy, you have to remain constantly vigila ...View More

Why Is Measles Making a Comeback?

Measles is really contagious and can easily spread in pockets of unvaccinated people. In February 20 ...View More

Painful Truths the U.S. Can Learn from Global Healthcare

Thank to the Commonwealth Fund for supporting the production of this video. The American healthcare  ...View More

Ten Years Later: The HPV Vaccine is Still Incredible & Lifesaving

We love some good vaccine data, and we were pretty excited to see a new, long-term study published t ...View More

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