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  Alternative Medicine  

Studies Show New Weight Loss Medications are the Real Deal

Back in 2021 we did an episode on Semaglutide, the then-recently-approved drug for weight loss that  ...View More

Climate Change and Our Food Supply

So far in our adventures on climate change and health, we've covered the critical issue of how our w ...View More

Robert Kennedy, Jr. Is Wrong About Vaccine Testing

RFK Jr. is claiming that scientists do not test vaccines with placebo-controlled trials, specificall ...View More

Climate Change and Safe Drinking Water

In our last climate episode we took a look at how climate change affects the spread of infectious di ...View More

Does Breastfeeding Result in Smarter Kids?

A recent study conducted in the United Kingdom claims that breastfeeding makes for smarter kids when ...View More

Ticks, Mosquitos, and How Climate Change Could Increase Disease

We're back again with another episode on climate change and human health. The effects of a warming p ...View More

An RSV Vaccine for Infants

Respiratory syncytial virus, or RSV, strikes fear into the hearts of parents, especially those with  ...View More

Does Cold Immersion Therapy Work? Let's Dive In.

Cold plunging is…almost exactly what it sounds like: Immersing your body one way or another in super ...View More

The Latest on Artificial Sweeteners and Health

Are there harms of artificial sweeteners that outweigh the benefits? We've asked this question befor ...View More

Climate Change and the Air We Breathe

We're back with another episode on climate change and health, and this time we're looking at some of ...View More

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