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Simply Solfeggio - 528 Hz (Transformation/Love/DNA Restoration/Miracles/Regeneration)

That's why they call it “The Miracle Tone.” It is so powerful, and so broad spectrum as far as benef ...View More

Simply Solfeggio - 417 Hz (Empower Change / Resolve Past Issues and Negative Thoughts)

Experiencing this through meditation or simply relaxing, will dissipate negative influences from ben ...View More

Simply Solfeggio - 396 Hz (Banish Fear/Guilt/Negative Emotions/Negative Energy)

Restore Positive Self Compassion/Confidence/Faith. 396 has always been one of my favorite numbers. I ...View More

Simply Solfeggio - 963 Hz (“The God Frequency” Spiritual Transcendence/Re-Connect to the ALL)

Feel the Quickening. Reconnect to the ALL – Re-awaken to your original, organic, natural state. You  ...View More

Simply Solfeggio - 852 Hz (Awaken Intuition/Connect to Higher Self/Open Your Third Eye)

Third Eye (Brow/Ajna Chakra) Here it is my friends, the definitive frequency for opening the Third E ...View More

Simply Solfeggio - 741 Hz (Spiritual Cleanse/Purification/Heighten Intuition/Enhance Communication)

This is extremely effective, extremely powerful. It may be a bit too powerful for some, especially i ...View More

Tranquility – The Bells of Winter (45 Minute Serenity Meditation)

A special gift from my spirit to your spirit my friends. As the dark clouds fade away from what we h ...View More

From the Darkest Night, the Light Will Come (Let Your Light Shine) (Winter Solstice 2020)

Not only within you and me, but throughout the world, this has been a darker year for us all. But no ...View More

Simply Solfeggio - 639 Hz (Relationships/Manifestation/Positive/Love/Healing/Miracle Tone)

This Sacred Ancient Solfeggio frequency: 639 Hz, brings harmony into interpersonal relationships wit ...View More

The Ancient Ones (Soul-Searching Meditation)

Meditation, Contemplation, Reflection, Introspection, Self-Analysis, the path to your Soul. This, li ...View More

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