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Building New Enclosures Using Only Leftover Reptile Supplies (For My Kingsnake and Rat Snake)

upgrading salem and tofu's enclosures using only spare reptile supplies i had laying around :) plus  ...View More

I Did It. What It's Like Being One Year Sober From Heroin

After four years, I finally did it :) One year sober. ----------------- i now have a tiktok! https:/ ...View More

Western Hognoses are Literally Just Theater Kids. (Things to Consider Before Buying One)

the western hognose is the reptile hobbies biggest drama queen. chatting about some things that are  ...View More

Proof That Hognose Snake’s Are Just a Lil Dramatic (Not Mean)

Celia is just a lil dramatic, she'd never hurt anyone!! #snake #reptiles.

My Daily Routine as a Recovering Addict (One Year Sober)

wanted to show you guys a lil video into my daily mindset and routine as a recovering addict now tha ...View More

I've Been Stuck in a Depression for 3 Years.

let's talk about these last three years, and why I haven't been able to get a grip on posting or eve ...View More

Emergency Water Discharge And Massive Dam Failures Caught On Camera

Have you ever seen a dam failure with your own eyes before? Or huge fire in the sea water? What abou ...View More

Animals Doing Crazy Things Caught on Camera - One In Million Moments

With the invention of the pocket phone and advancements in cameras, we are in a time where anything  ...View More

20 Scary Robotic Animals You Must See!

Animals are one of the most beautiful creatures to exist on our planet and humans love to have anima ...View More

If This Was Not Recorded, No One Would Believe It

When animals are alone in the wilderness, they often do crazy things you wouldn't believe. Thankfull ...View More

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