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  The Earth  

Dust Devil Kicks Man's Ass

The title honestly explains it.

M6.6 Earthquake Hits Java, Indonesia - Jan. 14, 2022 gempa di jakarta

A powerful earthquake shook parts of Indonesia's main island of Java on Friday, damaging buildings a ...View More

MAJOR Floods Hit Minas Gerais, Brazil - January 2022 enchentes em minas gerais

Around 1200 people have been displaced after wide areas of Brumadinho Municipality were flooded from ...View More

M6.6 Earthquake Hits Offshore of Cyprus and Turkey - Jan. 11, 2022 kıbrıs depremi

An earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 6.1 rattled the small island nation of Cyprus and was  ...View More

MAJOR Eruption at Hunga Tonga Volcano with Tsunami - Jan. 15, 2022

An underwater volcano erupted on Saturday near the remote Pacific nation of Tonga, triggering tsunam ...View More

James Webb Space Telescope Finally In Space! What's Next? FIRST IMAGES

At 7:20 a.m. ET on Christmas morning, 2021, the rockets fired and the ground shook. Spectators at th ...View More

Scientists Issue ‘Stark Warning’ Moon Could End Humanity By 2030

Scientists Issue 'Stark Warning' Moon Could End Humanity By 2030 The Moon affects our planet in a st ...View More

NASA’s Mysterious New Discovery Is Keeping Scientists Up At Night

It's hardly a secret that space is vast and full of weird secrets and each year, astronomers, scient ...View More

Why are Planets ROUND and Galaxies FLAT?

This… is our earth. It's a sphere. Like a football! No… not the American football, the proper footba ...View More

Why Do Some Planets Have Rings?

Viewers! Surprise test time! Write down in the comments which planet in our solar system has a ring  ...View More

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