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  Music for your Mind & Meditation  

Warning: DMT Music To Enter (

Warning: DMT Music To Enter ( MOST POWERFUL 0.1 HZ SUB DELTA WAVES MEDITATION) Binaural Beats Sleep ...View More


The rise of Shakti, the Goddess energy, the Kundalini energy, activating and healing each Chakra as  ...View More

Maher Zain - Qalbi Sajad | Vocals Only ماهر زين - قلبي سجد | بدون موسيقى | Nour Ala Nour EP

Official music video for the Vocal Version of Maher Zain's new song "Qalbi Sajad". Directed by Idris ...View More

Spirit Journey Meditation “Walking Between the Worlds”

Take a trip with your soul. Take a walk in Dreamtime. Connect to your soul, connect to the great spi ...View More

Mystical Forest Monk REN: (LISTEN FOR 10 MINUTES) Meditation To Raise Your Vibration While You Sleep

Mystical Forest Monk REN: (LISTEN FOR 10 MINUTES) Meditation To Raise Your Vibration While You Sleep ...View More

432 Hz, Boost Positive Energy, Complete Restoration, Chakras, Release Negative Blocks, Anti Anxiety

This is a very powerful track, it can be a great support for your deep meditations. We have chosen T ...View More

Music for Morning Meditation, Stress Relief, Relaxing Music, Positive Energy, Inner Peace, Yoga

Relaxing guitar, flute and cello music. Use it for your morning meditation, it will help make your d ...View More

Root Chakra, Let Go of Anger, Jealousy and Aggressiveness, Strength and Pure Energy, Healing Music

Muladhara, earth or root chakra. Its name means “base support”. Its energy is associated with the ad ...View More

432 Hz Reiki Music, Healing Music, Boost Your Aura, Natural Energy, Zen Meditation, Chakra

432 Hz Reiki Music to Boost Your Aura. This track is indicated for Reiki treatments and self-treatme ...View More

Native American Flute Music, Astral Projection, Shamanic #shorts

You can find the long version here: Music for Body and Spirit channel i ...View More

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