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  Weird History  

What It Was Like to Be a Roman Soldier

Over centuries, the Roman Empire conquered almost the entirety of Europe, giving generation after ge ...View More

What Surgery Was Like In Ancient Egypt

The ancient Egyptians were one of the first great civilizations on the planet. A foundationally well ...View More

Jealous of the Teddy Bear, How President Taft Tried to Make Billy Possum Happen

Presidents William Howard Taft and Theodore Roosevelt battled it out in the election of 1912, even t ...View More

TIMELINE: The 90s Teaser Trailer

Weird History presents - Timeline: The 90s - Imagine watching the world's greatest decade... With th ...View More

Weird Foods People Ate to Get Through the Great Depression

Let's bust one Great Depression myth right off the bat, courtesy of Megan McArdle: “even at the heig ...View More

The History Of the Corset

Corsets became popular in the 16th century allegedly because Catherine de' Medici, wife of French Ki ...View More

The Circumstances Surrounding the Kidnapping of the Lindbergh Baby

The 1932 kidnapping and death of the then almost-two-year-old Charles "Charlie" Lindbergh was the st ...View More

TIMELINE 1992 - Going back to the LA Riots, The Dream Team and Hurricane Andrew

Weird History presents Timeline: 1992 - We're going back to the early nineties and explore some of t ...View More

The True Story of Casanova | History's Most Legendary Lover

Giacomo Casanova is remembered today for his many illicit affairs. After all, the word "Casanova" st ...View More

The Brief History of Crystal Pepsi

What's better than regular Coke? Clear Coke, of course! Or, at least that's what a majority of the t ...View More

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