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Exciting Find: Headless Bronze Statue Connected to Saqarra Pyramid

Archaeologists digging in the Saqqara region of Egypt uncover a magnificent bronze statue missing it ...View More

Fascinating Structure Inside Ancient Tomb: "False Door" to the Underworld

Archaeologists uncover an exciting find: a tomb that predates most of the others in the area by arou ...View More

X-Ray of an Ancient Mummy Reveals Details of Noblewoman's Life

X-rays of the mummy of an ancient Egyptian noblewoman reveal an assortment of health issues: from cu ...View More

We Rock the Mic: The Many Sounds of Hip-Hop

Is it country or is it hip-hop? The burning question confronted critics when the breakout hit 'Old T ...View More

Cat Mummies Were a Big Thing in Ancient Egypt

Archaelogists uncover what appear to be cat mummies–a common practice around the Ptolemaic period. B ...View More

Crazy Ways People Avoided The Law

Tune in for some truly crazy ways people avoided the law! Suggest a topic here to be turned into a v ...View More

The Future... From The Past!

Let's check out what people from the past expected the future to be like! Suggest a topic here to be ...View More

Animals On The Verge Of Extinction

Tune in for some animals that are sadly on the verge of extinction. Suggest a topic here to be turne ...View More

The Horrible Things North Korean Soldiers Have to Go Through

Coming up are some of the horrible things North Korean soldiers have to go through. Suggest a topic  ...View More

Biggest Wastes of Time EVER

Tune in for the biggest wastes of time ever! Suggest a topic here to be turned into a video: http:// ...View More

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