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How to Sleep Better for Optimal Health | The Secret to Your BEST Sleep EVER!

If you are looking to get better sleep, improve the quality of you sleep, fall asleep fast, get deep ...View More

How to Treat Adult ADHD Naturally

If you are looking to heal your adult ADHD naturally or treat adult ADD- you are in the right place! ...View More

How to Avoid a Catheter with an Enlarged Prostate Gland | 3 Ways to Reduce an Enlarged Prostate

If you are trying to avoid, prevent or limit the use of a foley catheter to help you empty your blad ...View More

Non-Surgical DIY Facelift Facial Massage | Wrinkle Reducing, Eye Brow Lifting Facial Treatment

This is the most comprehensive DIY Face Lift Facial Massage that you will find on YouTube. Dr. Melis ...View More

Best NATURAL Sunscreen in 2022 | Natural Skincare Product Review of SPF Sunscreens

If you are on the hunt for clean sunscreens - today I share the best natural sunscreen and clean sun ...View More

Natural Ways to Boost Female Libido in 8 EASY Ways

If you are a female and want to boost your libido naturally - this is a MUST WATCH VIDEO! Boosting f ...View More

3 Things To Do If You Have A Breast Lump, A Breast Cyst or a Mass in Your Breast

Watch if you have a lump, bump or mass in your breast! Learn 3 things you need to do if you are deal ...View More

Maximizing Your Breast Health

Optimize Your Breast Health. Live Q&A with Dr Melissa

10 High Histamine Foods to Avoid!

Sharing today 10 Histamine enhancing foods that may be an underlying cause for your allergies, food  ...View More

Freebie Friday - Women's Health Discussion

Our May spring cleaning giveaway series - join Dr. Melissa to learn more about ways and products to  ...View More

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