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Summer Pandemic Surge News: Facts, Data & Deciphering Misinfo

If you are concerned about the surge in cases across the US & beyond.- join Dr. Melissa's live show  ...View More

J &J Sunscreen Recall - The Sunscreens That Cause Cancer

Learn more about the J&J Sunscreen Recall and how harmful benzene is as an ingredient in over the co ...View More

Summer Supplement Sale!!

Shop this awesome sale Sale ends 6/23 11:59pm PST.

Healing Benefits of NAC ( N-Acetyl -L - Cysteine ) & LOOMING FDA Ban??

Learn the powerful healing benefits of incorporating N Acetyl L Cysteine into your daily wellness pr ...View More

How to Boost Your Energy Levels with Ear Acupressure Massage

If you feel low energy and notice that you could use a boost - this is a super quick, speedy fast en ...View More

DIY Lymphatic Drainage Exercises for Swelling Hands | Reduce Swelling and Lymphedema in Fingers

Do It Yourself Exercises to help you reduce swelling and edema in your upper extremities: wrists, ha ...View More

How to SHRINK Thyroid Nodules, Thyroid Cysts and Thyroid Goiters Naturally

Watch part of my Thyorid Health 101 LIVE class to learn about the most common reasons behind thyroid ...View More

How to Relieve Hemorrhoids Naturally | FAST Acting Hemorrhoid Treatment Protocol

Let's talk about the "H" word.... HEMORRHOIDS!!! Learn 3 super easy ways to heal, treat and cure hem ...View More

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