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What If We Built a Transatlantic Tunnel?

For over a century, the idea of building a tunnel across the Atlantic ocean has fascinated the minds ...View More

China’s $580BN New City “Xiong’an”

China is building a $580 billion USD city of the future south of Beijing. Named Xiong'an, the city w ...View More

Transportation in 2050

By 2050, global transportation will be vastly different than today. Vehicles will go electric and fu ...View More

Spain’s $8.7BN New City in Madrid

Spain is building an $8.7 billion USD new urban development in northern Madrid, called Madrid Nuevo  ...View More

Texas’s Proposal for $26.2BN Seawall

Texas is considering constructing a $26.2 billion seawall south of Houston. Houston, the fourth most ...View More

Denmark’s Plans for a $2.4BN Island off Copenhagen

Denmark is planning to construct a $2.4 billion island off the coast of Copenhagen, called Lynetteho ...View More

Turkey’s Plans for a $20BN Istanbul Canal

Turkey is planning on constructing a $20 billion canal across the city of Istanbul. Currently, ships ...View More

China’s Proposal for a Tunnel to Hainan

China is considering building a 12 billion dollar tunnel to the island of Hainan. In the south of Ch ...View More

The Future of Tesla (2021-2030)

In the future, Tesla will release cheaper and longer range vehicles, improve technology, acquire new ...View More

Norway’s $47BN Floating Highway

Norway is building a $47 billion dollar highway along its western coast, which will include floating ...View More

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