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Variolation, Innoculation, and Vaccination: The History of Vaccines

Part one of our six-part series on vaccinations, supported by the National Institute for Health Care ...View More

The End of Surprise Billing for Medical Care?

Recently, the US adopted a law that ended some surprise billing for medical service. So what is surp ...View More

Should You Worry About Covid Vaccine Side Effects?

As the vaccine to protect against Covid-19 continues to roll out to more and more people, interest i ...View More

Can You Get Reinfected with Covid?

Reports have surfaced of individuals being re-infected with Covid-19, raising questions about immuni ...View More

Shkreli Awards: Profiteering and Dysfunction in US Healthcare

Last year we did an episode on the third annual Shkreli Awards from the Lown Institute - ten example ...View More

Does Vitamin D Influence Mood?

We've scoured the data for you when it comes to Vitamin D supplements, coming up empty-handed almost ...View More

How Useful Are Temperature Screenings for Covid?

Temperature screening has become a common Covid mitigation practice in many settings. But as noted b ...View More

At-Home Testing for Covid

Experts have long been calling for quicker, cheaper, and more accessible ways of testing for Covid-1 ...View More

Covid Vaccine Facts with the WHO's Dr. Kate O'Brien

We recently talked with Dr. Kate O'Brien, director of the Department of Immunization, Vaccines and B ...View More

How Safe is Air Travel during a Pandemic?

Thanks to the pandemic, air travel is drastically reduced compared to this time last year. People ar ...View More

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