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Fraud, Abuse, and Malfeasance in the American Health System AWARDS

The 2023 Shkreli Awards from the Lown Institute have been released! Dysfunction in healthcare is one ...View More

Do Processed Foods Lead to Depression?

Healthcare Triage is no stranger to dissecting studies about processed foods, but we were recently a ...View More

Do Food Dyes Make Kids Wild Out?

Avoiding certain food dyes to help improve a child's behavioral issues is common advice, and not jus ...View More

Artificial Sweeteners and Cancer

When we released a recent episode about the artificial sweetener erythritol, many of you brought up  ...View More

Antidepressants, Weight Loss Drugs, and Stigma

Drugs that do a pretty good job of easing symptoms of depression and drugs that really help people s ...View More

Ways We Can Mitigate Climate Change

We've spent a bunch of time this year examining the many, many health effects of climate change. And ...View More

Climate Change and Bug-borne Disease #climatechange #climateemergency #environmentalissues #climate

Climate change is shifting the ways that diseases impact humanity. In short, there could be more dis ...View More

Public Health Solutions to Climate Change Problems

Much of the conversation around climate change centers on things like lowering carbon emissions, whi ...View More

Aspartame and Autism?

What's the deal with Aspartame and Autism? Whenever you see a study claiming that a single ingredien ...View More

Climate Change Is Already Impacting Our Health

Massive storms, flooding, extreme heat, droughts, air pollution, increased rates of disease, changes ...View More

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