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The Problems with EPA Pollution Reporting

While we're all probably aware that we're sometimes exposed to air pollution in one way or another,  ...View More

Too Many Kids are Uninsured in the US

Check out and get started managing your finances today. Access to health ...View More

What We Know About the Covid Omicron Variant

We've got another major variant, and a lot of people have questions. What is the Omicron variant? Do ...View More

Pregnancy and Covid Vaccine Safety

Thank you to GiveWell for partnering with us on this video! GiveWell is matching donations from firs ...View More

A Vaccine for Malaria!

See every side of every news story by going to to download the  ...View More

Covid Natural Immunity vs Vaccine Immunity

There's a lot of talk about “natural immunity” to Covid-19, and some people are refusing vaccination ...View More

An Anti-viral Pill to Treat Covid?

See every side of every news story by going to to download the  ...View More

Should You Get a Covid Vaccine Booster?

As booster shots become available in the United States, many Americans are scrambling to get them. B ...View More

The Pitfalls of Cost Sharing for Healthcare

Cost-sharing is the practice of making individuals responsible for part of their health insurance co ...View More

Mask Promotion and Covid Prevention

Mask-wearing is one of a set of measures that helps slow the spread of respiratory disease. This is  ...View More

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