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What Did We Find? Strange Discovery Beyond Pluto

There's a common misconception that our solar system's boundary lies not so far behind the orbit of  ...View More

Why Traveling at the Speed Of Light Is a Bad Idea

Did you know that just like the roads in your own neighborhood, the universe also has a speed limit? ...View More

You Asked For It | Mind Blowing Non CGI Space Images

You Won't Believe Your Eyes | Non-CGI Space Images What if I told you you had the opportunity to tra ...View More

What is It? | Voyager Spacecraft Detects Mysterious Movements

The Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 spacecraft were launched during the seventies, to boldly go where no one ...View More

These 10 Galaxies Should't Exist (But They Do)

Only 300 years ago, we assumed our galaxy was the only thing in the whole universe. But today we kno ...View More

Mysterious Light in Space Shocked Astronomers

The universe is cloaked in mystery— from ominous black holes, to powerful gamma-ray bursts, and the  ...View More

10 CREEPY Space Facts You Can't Unlearn

As fascinating as space is, you gotta admit- it's kinda creepy. The fact that there is so much about ...View More

10 WEIRD Things That Could End Your Life In Space

Exploring Space has been humanity's dream for centuries, but it's now a reality. Astronauts have bee ...View More

10 Reasons Why Earth May Become UNINHABITABLE

No trees.. No water... This might sound like a post apocalyptic world, but it could be the future of ...View More

BREAKTHROUGH: AI Finds Incredible Planets Better For Life Than Earth

As humanity is becoming more and more advanced, we are also becoming more and more curious to find w ...View More

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