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Industrial giants, special purpose vehicles, part 1

You will never see many of these machines in your life. Meanwhile, they are the ones who make your l ...View More

Most Terrible Airports in the World

What airports do not exist today: some have a runway length of only 396 m, others are located at an  ...View More

Largest ships on the planet, conquering waves

Largest ships on the planet, conquering waves Since ancient times, ships have helped a person to ove ...View More

Giant factories are striking in their area

Well-established factories are essential to the success of any light manufacturing company and even  ...View More

Fastest manned aircraft in the world exceeding the speed of sound

These aircraft are engineering marvels. By significantly exceecling the speed of sound, they put the ...View More

Unique light tank stealth CV90120 Sweden

It so happened that in real combat events there is no place for light tanks. This is due to the deve ...View More

Dangerous beetle bites Rare insects

Dangerous beetle bites. Rare insects. The most dangerous bite in the world. Insects that jack off ou ...View More

Rotary-winged giants. Air monsters

Helicopters.. What are they only not used for? From travel and weddings to transportation of bulky g ...View More

Most unusual harvesting technique

Most unusual harvesting technique For the cultivation and harvesting of agricultural crops, agrarian ...View More

Secrets of the smallest inhabited islands in the world

Secrets of the smallest inhabited islands in the world which literally excite our consciousness How  ...View More

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