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Swords, Martial Arts & More! | Ninjas IRL

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Flipping Over Fire & More! | Awesome Archive

Can you do a backflip? High flying trapeze acts, extreme parkour, long jumps on skis & more! We're b ...View More

Our Best Clips Of August 2021! | 30 Days in 30 Minutes

Can you and carry this much weight? What a month! We're back with 30 Days In 30 Minutes and August  ...View More

Top 23 Awesome Viral Videos Of The Week | Best Of The Week

How long can you hold your breath underwater? Best of the Week is back with another round of ordinar ...View More

Top 23 Awesome Videos Of The Week | Best Of The Week

Can he tame this flame? It's time for the Best Of The Week! We've compiled our favorite clips that y ...View More

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