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Incredible Flexibility And More Compilation | Awesome Archive

Gymnastic feats, contortionists, martial arts, unbelievable card tricks, slackline, BMX, illusionist ...View More

Wins Vs Fails In Unicycling, Weightlifting, Horseback Riding & More | People Are Awesome Vs FailArmy

Can you guess who wins and who eats it?? Pass judgement on these extreme wins & fails! It's @FailArm ...View More

Incredible Calisthenics, Trick Shots, Basketball & More! | Best Of The Week

Watch them crush it! Who is your favorite awesome person this week? Enjoy! WATCH NEXT Best of the We ...View More

People Are Awesome: Incredible Skills Compilation

Freedivers, Blade competitions, unbelievable trick shots, contortionists that hurt to look at, dizzy ...View More

60 Of the Best Kayaking Clips in 2021 | Ultimate Compilation

Would you dare to kayak like this?? It's the ULTIMATE comp in Kayaking! Enjoy! WATCH NEXT Best of th ...View More

Archery On A Unicycle And More! | Best Of The Week

Just wait until you see the tightrope walker ! Best of the Week is here! Enjoy! WATCH NEXT Best of t ...View More

My Epic Trip Around The World | Thor Pedersen | @OnceUponASaga

He'll be the first person to visit every country in the world in an unbroken journey without flying? ...View More

American Football Flop or Fantastic? Wins vs Fails! | PAA Vs. FailArmy

Are you a hot shot on the field? See who will concur and who will go down in this week's wins VS. fa ...View More

Top 31 Awesome Videos Of The Week | Best Of The Week

What's your favorite awesome moment this week? Enjoy! WATCH NEXT Best of the Week ➝ Mystery Video ➝  ...View More

69 Awesome Summer Kickoff Sports | Ultimate Compilation

How are you going to kickoff this summer? Enjoy! WATCH NEXT Best of the Week ➝ Mystery Video ➝ ▽ FOL ...View More

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