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Meet The Real Life Spider Woman

Tarni Roebuck from Queensland, Australia loves spiders. One of her favourite pastimes is letting the ...View More

Boulder Crash! World's Dangerous Landslide Highway

This is the Srinagar-Jammu National Highway, known as one of the most treacherous roads in the world ...View More

I Massage People Using Cleavers

This is Hsiao Mei Fang, the owner of Ancient Art Of Knife Therapy Education Center, in Taipei, Taiwa ...View More

My First Haircut Ever

This is the moment when seven-year-old Benjamin from Texas, US had his first haircut ever. What do y ...View More

I Clap Using My Shoulders

Corey Bennett from Indiana, United States has a bizarre talent for clapping his shoulders due to a r ...View More

This Is Why I Shaved My Head

This is the moment Brooke Rock from Colorado, US, decided to shave her head to break female societal ...View More

I Live Like A Victorian

Professional portrait painter Michael Koropisz from Manchester, UK loves living life in the Victoria ...View More

I Heal Animals With My Hands

Doctor Joren Whitley from Oklahoma City, US has a special talent and profession for animal chiroprac ...View More

This Baby Knows Sign Language

This is the moment when one-year-old Madison, attempted sign language with her dad Zach from the US, ...View More

Cold War Airship Discovered On Beach

This is the moment a Lun-class ekranoplan shipwreck was discovered along the Caspian Sea coastline i ...View More

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