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First Laps in The Trestle Bike Park 2021

Opening day is tomorrow, June 19th 2021. Come on out and make your arms tired;) The trail crew has b ...View More

Silverton Raw and Natural | Riding Deer Creek

Lately I have really been enjoying the raw and the jank more than flow, and Deer Creek in Silverton  ...View More

Riding Graysill Creek with Alex Petitdemange

My bikes- Alex Petitdemange on IG- ...View More

Molas Pass | Colorado Trail Alpine Goodness

My Bikes- Rally Van- The San Juan continues to delive ...View More

Riding Exposure in Durango | Haflin Creek

My Bikes- Alex on IG- 661  ...View More

Mount Falcon | Denver MTB

  Hills     May 03, 2021

Timing is everything. Surely you have heard this before as it applies to all aspects of life, but no ...View More

What Is Happening Behind Me While I Am Riding My Mountain Bike?

Ever wonder what is happening behind you while you are riding? All I hear is laughing and skidding a ...View More

Whistory | Whistler Bike Park Throwback

Not gonna lie, I am missing Whistler right now. Well to be honest, I am missing Canada and my friend ...View More

Riding Zippity Do Dah | Fruita Colorado MTB

Picking up where we left off in last week's episode with Noah Sears at the 18 Road trails in Fruita, ...View More

Riding PBR in Fruita, Colorado on #nationalbeerday

Noah Sears and I celebrated #nationalbeerday this past Wednesday by riding PBR, out at the 18rd trai ...View More

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