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Raja Choudhury  

How to Create a New Religion in 30.04 minutes

In this 30.04-minute video, Rajada explores the concept of Mind At Large from Aldous Huxley and how  ...View More

Can I Become the Mind Behind Everything?

Are you the Mind behind everything? Can you expand your consciousness to become that? Sign up to kee ...View More

The Kundalini Code LIVE - Join Rajada in New Delhi 13 October

Taste the magic you see here, LIVE, in New Delhi. Come join acclaimed Shift Network, A Thousand Suns ...View More

Advaita: The Non-Duality of Tat Tvam Asi - Yes, You Are That!

Join Rajada (Raja Choudhury) in this esoteric introduction to Advaita, or the highest form of Vedant ...View More

The Pathless Path of the Shaman or Tantric

The Pathless Path of the Shaman or Tantric. Rajada explains what it is like to live a mystical life  ...View More

The Magic of of Mini-Samadhis: Awakening all the Time

How did I go from Accidental Mystic to living a life of mini Samadhis or Satori? Come and share my s ...View More

Who is Adi Shakti? The 2000 BC Origins of Shakti in the Rg Veda: The Devīsūkta of Vāgāmbhṛṇī

In this deep esoteric Satsang, Rajada explains the origins of what we know as Shaktism today in the  ...View More

Pratyabhijna: The Trika Teaching of Self Recognition

What is Pratyabhijna or Self Recognition really about? Explore this with Rajada. In the 11th Century ...View More

I Can Clear Bad Karma and Energize my Prana in Just 15 Minutes Every Morning with Rajada

Clear Bad Karma and Activate Immense Inner Prana Energy with Rajada (Raja Choudhury) in this alchemi ...View More

How will Artificial Intelligence Transform Spirituality and Consciousness?

Explore how AI and Neuroscience will affect our consciousness in the future with Mystical Philosophe ...View More

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