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Spirituality – Eating the Full Cake #Shorts

Sadhguru clarifies a common misconception about spirituality, and looks at how spiritual process can ...View More

Dance - A Poem by Sadhguru from Eternal Echoes #Shorts

Explore Sadhguru's profound insights into life through his poems in his latest book, Eternal Echoes: ...View More

Can Some Children Remember Their Past Lives? | Sadhguru Answers

Sadhguru answers a question on whether some children can remember their past lives, and cautions us  ...View More

Overcoming Attention Deficiency - ADD & ADHD | Sadhguru

Are ADD & ADHD ** disorders, or a case of over-diagnosis? Sadhguru explains. #Sadhguru Yogi, mystic  ...View More

Sadhguru About 'Dismantling Global Hindutva' Conference

During an online interaction at Pejawara Matha's conference on Dharma Resurgence, Sadhguru answers a ...View More

Can Yoga Cure Chronic Diseases?

Sadhguru gives a Yogic perspective on health and explains how Yogic practices are focused on bringin ...View More

The Secret Behind Ganesha’s Superhuman Intelligence | Sadhguru

Sadhguru reveals that contrary to popular belief, Ganesha's head was not that of an elephant, but th ...View More

How To Overcome Life's Obstacles

Ganesha Charturthi is an opportunity to begin anew. Make a fresh beginning with Inner Engineering On ...View More

Then I Was A Man #Shorts

This September 23, a compilation of Sadhguru's poems of nearly three decades will be released in his ...View More

How to Live to Your full Potential #shorts

Sadhguru looks at how to take charge of your mind and emotions in order to live your life to its ful ...View More

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