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Weird History  

How the French Revolution Nearly Destroyed Modern Chemistry

The Reign of Terror destroyed thousands of lives, but in the scientific community, Antoine Lavoisier ...View More

What Happened During the Golden Age of Hijackings

When the US government passed the Anti-Hijacking Act of 1974, it was a direct response to the "Golde ...View More

The Final Hours of Sam Kinison’s Life

Nobody saw comedy genius Sam Kinison's death coming - at least not the way it happened. Most people  ...View More

Times In History Beer Changed the World

There are so many ways beer changed history, you have to wonders what kind of world we would live in ...View More

Timeline 1994 - Everything That Happened In '94

Weird History presents Timeline 1994. We're going back to the mid-90s to show you the news, culture, ...View More

What Hygiene Was Like In a Mongol Horde

The Mongols created the largest contiguous land empire to have ever existed. Founded by Genghis Khan ...View More

What Happened After the Great Chicago Fire

In October 1871, the Great Chicago Fire nearly wiped out one of America's leading cities. But what h ...View More

Timeline: 1993 - Everything That Happened in '93

Weird History presents Timeline 1993. We are going back to the middle part of the 90s and check the  ...View More

What People Ate to Survive In the Victorian Era

What did it mean to eat like a Victorian? There was no single culinary experience in the 19th centur ...View More

Facts About Hannibal You Didn't Learn In School

If you've heard of General Hannibal (247-183 BCE), you're probably thinking of the guy who rode seve ...View More

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