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Weird History  

Unbelievable Facts About Biosphere 2, The Largest Contained Experiment Ever

Nowadays, the ambitious and wild Biosphere 2 experiment is only remembered as a footnote to the Paul ...View More

French Etiquette: Courtiers Answered Nature's Call Anywhere

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Facts About Neck Elongation

Why would you undergo neck elongation? This procedure, which works to stretch out the neck, causes p ...View More

How History's Most Important Cities Fell | Carthage

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Surprisingly Plausible Real-Life Explanations For Mythical Creatures

Creatures like the narwhal, okapi, and Komodo dragon are on the short list of mythical creatures pro ...View More

The Most Ridiculous Reasons Books Have Been Banned

Books have always been a key part of the American cultural and social landscape, and thus have often ...View More

Characters From Ancient Mythology That Might Have Actually Existed

Did you ever wonder if the great stories of ancient mythology, tales of the men behind the Egyptian  ...View More

What Viking Parties Were Like

Ancient Norse seafaring Vikings were well-known as explorers, traders, and warriors. But when they g ...View More

Mussolini's Mistress Kept A Detailed Diary

Italian dictator Benito Mussolini maintained relationships with several mistresses – as many as 14 a ...View More

The Most Bitter Sibling Rivalries in History

Anyone who has grown up with a sibling knows how easily rivalries can develop. The desire of brother ...View More

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