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Weird History  

Timeline 1978 - The Blizzard of '78, Keith Moon and Scared Straight

Weird History presents Timeline 1978. We're going all the way back to 1978 to revisit the Blizzard o ...View More

The Evolution Of Military Rations Throughout History

For centuries, troops have marched off to fight, risking their lives in combat. But what did soldier ...View More

A Day In The Life Of A Spanish Inquisitor

When most people think of the Spanish Inquisition, they typically think of torture (or Monty Python) ...View More

What Did Roman Soldiers Eat?

Throughout both its Republican and Imperial periods, Rome was one of the most dominant cultures in t ...View More

The History of the Pony Express

Before email, there was snail mail. And before snail mail, there was horse mail - the Pony Express.  ...View More

What Life On A Native American Reservation Is Really Like

In 1851, the US government passed the Indian Appropriations Act, creating reservation lands for Nati ...View More

LEGO: The Complicated History of the World's Most Wholesome Toy

Thanks to Kingdom Maker for sponsoring - Download Kingdom Maker on iOS & Android and start ruling to ...View More

Myths About The Victorian Era, Debunked

The Victorian era may be heavily represented in pop culture, through stately period dramas, rollicki ...View More

Rock Star Rumors That Are Actually True

As much as you may want to believe them, most rumors about famous celebrities are often completely f ...View More

The Beast Of Gévaudan Terrorized France For Years - But Was It A Wolf Or The First Serial Killer?

Thanks to an unknown beast seemingly roaming the countryside and tearing innocent people limb from l ...View More

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