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Weird History  

What Medieval People Ate for Christmas Dinner

Across all eras of human history, people have craved luxurious and extravagant foods not only to exc ...View More

How a Random Flower Became the Bitcoin of the 1600s

When Bitcoin came screaming back into the public consciousness in late 2017, there was a lot of talk ...View More

Here's What Nuclear Families Ate in the Postwar Era

In the years after WWII, Americans became more affluent than they had been in previous generations.  ...View More

The Coup that Ruined US-Iranian Relations

For decades, knowledge of America's role in the 1953 Iran coup, which led to the ejection of the cou ...View More

Last Meals of Famous Death Row Inmates

Even the weirdest death row last meals make sense, because how do you limit yourself to small fare w ...View More

Here's What People Ate To Survive During WWII

Americans who stayed home during WWII were asked to make sacrifices to support troops overseas. Peop ...View More

What It Was Like to Be In the Stocks

Many a curious renaissance fair or historical park visitor has probably wondered: “What was it like  ...View More

Why Men In Classical Art All Have Tiny Junk

Thanks to Keeps for sponsoring this video! Head to to get 50% off you ...View More

What Actually Happened to History's Most Nefarious Offspring

What ever happened to the children of the most evil men in history? Some of their stories may surpri ...View More

Bizarre Ways People From Victorian England Mourned The Dead

The Victorian Era - in tandem with the reign of Britain's Queen Victoria - lasted throughout most of ...View More

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