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12 Most Amazing Archaeological Artifacts Finds

An artefact is a history lesson in physical form. By studying artefacts, we find out new information ...View More

12 Most Mysterious Recent Discoveries Scientists Still Can't Explain

What's the best sort of discovery for a scientist or archaeologist to make? Is it one that can immed ...View More

12 Most Amazing Archaeological Artifacts Finds

What's the difference between a normal archaeological find and an incredible archaeological find? Wh ...View More

12 Most Incredible Archaeological Artifacts Finds

To an archaeologist, an artefact is a clue. It's a little something left behind by someone who came  ...View More

12 Most Incredible Recent Archarological Finds

Everything you're about to see in this video is ancient, and yet it was discovered very recently! Th ...View More

12 Most Incredible Ancient Artifacts Finds

Artifacts are a historian's best friend. They're the building blocks that allow us to put together a ...View More

12 Most Incredible Artifacts Finds

What makes an artifact valuable? Is it worth more money if it's very old? Is a beautiful artifact mo ...View More

12 Most Amazing Recent Artifacts Finds

There are a couple of clues in the word “artifacts” that explain why many people are so fascinated b ...View More

12 Most Incredible Recent Finds

It always pays to keep your eyes wide open when you're out and about. You never know what you might  ...View More

12 Most Amazing Treasure And Artifacts Finds

All of the amazing things you're about to see in this video have one thing in common. They were once ...View More

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