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The Dangerous History of Tomatoes

In this video, we look at the history of tomatoes, from its earliest development, to a time in which ...View More

The Mysterious History of Cinnamon

In this video, we look at the mysterious historical origins of one of the world's favorite spices: C ...View More

Chiari - A Silent Brain Disorder

In this video, we discuss Chiari-1 malformation, a rare brain disorder that affects millions, many o ...View More

The Surprising History of Pumpkins

In this video, we look at the history of the pumpkin, from its surprising ancient origins, to its mo ...View More

The Strange History of Avocados

In this video, we look at the history behind a fruit of growing popularity: The avocado berry. Where ...View More

Legendary Creatures of South America - Documentary

In this video, we review the stories behind some of South America's most fascinating cryptids, legen ...View More

The Amazing History of Watermelon

In this video, we take a look at the incredible journey the watermelon has been on throughout human  ...View More

The Bizarre History of Pineapples

In this video, we look at the unexpected history behind the so-called king of the fruits. Find us he ...View More

What Happened To Napoleon's Son?

In this video, we look at what happened to Napoleon II after the downfall of his father. Find us her ...View More

The Plot To Give America a Monarch

In this video, we look at a brief history of American monarchism, and a plot to place a prince from  ...View More

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