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Wocomo Wildlife  

Snake Handling World Champion deals with the most dangerous snakes | The Malaysian Snake Guardian

On the island of Langkawi, a paradise on planet earth, we meet Othman, who earned the title of “Worl ...View More

Tiger, Black Leopard & Serval | Raising Wildlife (13/13)

In the Wokutakula Wildlife Rescue Centre located in Brits, 85 kilometres north of Johannesburg anima ...View More

On the hunt with a jaguar - Even crocodiles lose against the king of the rainforest

Life in the Pantanal – the planet's largest wetland – is ruled by a merciless cycle of inundation an ...View More

Giant Anaconda vs. Crocodile - A battle that has raged for 60 Million years

Life in the Pantanal – the planet's largest wetland – is ruled by a merciless cycle of inundation an ...View More

Blessing or curse? The storks in Alsace

The stork is omnipresent in Alsace, for many the icon, the emblem of the region. Whether in the metr ...View More

1,200 km through Lapland - With 14 Huskies in Europe's longest and toughest race

The 37-year-old Norwegian Marit Beate Kasin has dreamed of breeding huskies and taking part in big d ...View More

Owl sanctuary of the Eifel - Injured owls find a new home until their recovery

Owls! In the dark Middle Ages they've been feared as witches' birds and messengers of death, but sin ...View More

Faszinierendes Kanada: Der erstaunliche Beruf des letzten Flussläufers

Im Great Bear Rainforest gibt es weder Straßen noch Wege, dafür aber unzählige Flüsse, die sich durc ...View More

Cuddle time between a diver and a manatee

In northwest Florida, at Crystal River, Joe Bunni meets a very surprising mammal. The manatee is a h ...View More

Diving with dolphins

In French Polynesia, at the foot of the island of Moorea, the neighboring island of Tahiti, the whit ...View More

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