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Exciting Find: Headless Bronze Statue Connected to Saqarra Pyramid

Archaeologists digging in the Saqqara region of Egypt uncover a magnificent bronze statue missing it ...View More

Fascinating Structure Inside Ancient Tomb: "False Door" to the Underworld

Archaeologists uncover an exciting find: a tomb that predates most of the others in the area by arou ...View More

X-Ray of an Ancient Mummy Reveals Details of Noblewoman's Life

X-rays of the mummy of an ancient Egyptian noblewoman reveal an assortment of health issues: from cu ...View More

We Rock the Mic: The Many Sounds of Hip-Hop

Is it country or is it hip-hop? The burning question confronted critics when the breakout hit 'Old T ...View More

Cat Mummies Were a Big Thing in Ancient Egypt

Archaelogists uncover what appear to be cat mummies–a common practice around the Ptolemaic period. B ...View More

Inhabitants of Tidewater Gardens Faced Years of Neglect & Demolition Orders | Smithsonian Channel

The decision to demolish the affordable housing of Tidewater Gardens in Norfolk, Virginia will leave ...View More

A Train’s Pantograph Pulls in Enough Electricity for 200 Houses

Vectron locomotives travel at a top speed of 99 miles per hour, drawing power from the cables above  ...View More

Why the ‘Stonehenge of Atlit Yam’ was Held in Such High Regard ✨ Secrets | Smithsonian Channel

A 9000 year old human settlement, discovered off the coast of the Mediterranean, with its very own ' ...View More

7 Daring Animal Migrations | Smithsonian Channel

From one million wildebeest crossing croc-infested waters to a manatee's journey to warmer waters, h ...View More

This Man is Fighting to Keep His Community from Being Uprooted | Disrupt & Dismantle | Smithsonian

For Lavonne Pledger, the demolition order on his home by the city of Norfolk is a harbinger of bigge ...View More

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