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TOP 15 Unusual Rides and Attractions

The first roller coaster was built in 1885, and since then they've only gotten bigger and better. Wh ...View More

15 Biggest Snakes Ever Found

Believed to have first originated in the warm, forested regions of the southern hemisphere around 12 ...View More

15 Unbelievable Tourist Destinations

On those rare occasions that we have time out from our busy lives, it's a great opportunity to get a ...View More

15 AMAZING Private Islands - Pure Paradise

One of the things that most people on earth have in common is their desire, at some point, to have s ...View More

15 Absolutely Terrifying Birds

The first birds emerged on Earth around 225 million years ago. Today, there are around 10 thousand d ...View More

15 STUNNING Examples of Nature's Power

Nature has plenty of ways to remind us of both her beauty and power. Some of these examples are subt ...View More

TOP 15 Haunted Structures and Places

There are a lot of things that we can't explain, and whether or not you believe in ghosts, there are ...View More

15 Most Unusual Cell Phones

In the past 4 decades, cell phones have come a long way. Once large, bulky, and only affordable for  ...View More

15 Amazing Science Experiments You Have to See

There are so many different elements and compounds that react together in amazing ways! And these sc ...View More

15 Biggest Ship Collisions and Mistakes

Safely navigating a ship through fog, the darkness of night, and in the ocean's choppy waters is a h ...View More

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