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15 CHINESE APPS that are Insanely Popular

China is home to one of the world's largest and fastest-growing digital markets, and its app ecosyst ...View More

15 SMALLEST islands that people live on

Of the more than 900 thousand islands in the world, only about 16 thousand are actually inhabited. T ...View More

BIGGEST things ever transported

Transporting massive objects such as oil platforms or nuclear reactors, is a monumental undertaking  ...View More

15 STRANGEST Places on Earth

Our planet is full of unusual places, that look so bizarre, it's difficult to believe they even exis ...View More

15 WIDEST CRACKS in the Earth

From massive fault lines that stretch for miles,... to colossal canyons formed by powerful earthquak ...View More

15 Aircraft NEAR MISS and Close Calls

When you get on a plane, outside of the occasional bout of turbulence you can expect a pretty smooth ...View More

15 Largest Abandoned Cities in the World

There are nearly four-thousand ghost towns in the United States alone, and many more dotted around t ...View More

15 Incredible Things Seen From Google Earth

Google Earth and Google Maps are popular satellite imagery programs, used by many people worldwide.  ...View More

15 INCREDIBLE Underwater Discoveries

Beneath the waves of our planet's oceans lies a huge, virtually unexplored world that researchers fr ...View More

15 FAILED Construction Projects

These failed infrastructure projects were once thought to be a good idea. But whether caused by too  ...View More

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