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The Uncertain Future of Marie Byrd Land

Wedged within the southern lands of Antarctica there's a huge area of land not claimed by any countr ...View More

Why We Find Rainforests in Unexpected Places

Many of us are familiar with rainforests; lush and exotic environments that serve as the pinnacle of ...View More

How (the lack of) Geography Doomed Venus

Venus is often referred to as Earth's sister planet. But if this were true, how can the two planets  ...View More


80 million years ago an entirely different class of animal ruled this Earth. The warmer temperatures ...View More

The Problem With the USA's Borders

It's been over 60 years since a change to the American map has occurred. While that all might change ...View More

The Plan to Revive the Mammoth Steppe to Fight Climate Change

Deep in the frozen north of Russia's Sakha Republic lies a place where time is being reversed and a  ...View More

Habitable Exoplanets | In Search of Earth 2.0

Thousands of exoplanets have been discovered, only a select few show promise. Here we look at some o ...View More

The Geography of Vegetables

The stunning conclusion to everyone's favorite geography series. Follow me on twitter @theatlaspro S ...View More

What Is A Nebula?

These can be some of the most amazing sites in the whole universe, but what even are they? Help supp ...View More

What Are The 7 Realms of Biogeography?

If "continents" ever left you wanting more, let's try something different and see if we can define a ...View More

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