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Mr Nightmare  

3 True Scary Wedding Horror Stories

And we're not talking wedding day bloopers kind of horror stories. These are three allegedly real we ...View More

3 Text Conversations with Creepy Backstories

These are 3 text conversations that seem normal on the surface, but have deeper, creepier backstorie ...View More

3 Disturbing Children's Drawings with Backstories

This is not the same as a video I did years back, this focuses on 3 creepy kids' drawings WITH backs ...View More

3 Real Mountain Climbing Horror Stories

These are 3 horror stories written by mountain climbers recounting their most horrifying experiences ...View More

Tinder Matches from Hell with Backstories

Thank you guys for reporting the TikTok account, it was taken down today. I figured I might as well  ...View More

3 Disturbing True Warehouse Horror Stories

This theme was the winning vote on a twitter poll. Listen to these stories + more: Spotify: ...

6 Paranormal Videos to Keep you up at Night

These are 6 relatively new paranormal clips that have surfaced the internet. Listen to these stories ...View More

3 Disturbing True Snapchat Stories

Listen to these stories + more: Spotify: ...View More

3 Nightmarish True Honeymoon Stories

These are 3 horror stories that take place during newlywed's honeymoons. Insta: https://www.instagra ...View More

3 TRUE Uber/Lyft Horror Stories

This video contains 2 new stories never heard before on this channel. These are 3 more true uber/lyf ...View More

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