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The $5,000 Battle: Defending an Injured Senior Citizen (Debt Collector Documentary) | Real Stories

The sheriffs go into battle on behalf of an 80-year-old senior citizen who is owed over £1000 ($2000 ...View More

Canada’s Involvement In The Korean War (War History Documentary) | Real Stories

Strange Battleground; Norm follows the battles of the 25th Canadian Infantry Brigade in May 1951, to ...View More

The Boneyard: The Horrible Story of Leonard Lake (True Crime Documentary) | Real Stories

The Boneyard: The Horrible Story of Leonard Lake (True Crime Documentary) The story of American seri ...View More

Monster Camp: The Eccentric World of Role-Playing (Hidden Fantasy World Documentary) | Real Stories

A documentary about LARPing (Live-Action Role Playing) Welcome to Monster Camp, the true story about ...View More

Kim Dotcom: The Most Wanted Man Online (Cyber Crime Documentary) | Real Stories

Kim Dotcom: A true-crime documentary, but with a cyber twist! Tech entrepreneur and owner of the pop ...View More

Surviving Katrina: Making a Living in New Orleans (Disaster Documentary) | Real Stories

This documentary tells the story of how, more than ever, Americans need local business to help their ...View More

This Math Genius Was Banned From 'The Price Is Right' (Superhuman Documentary) | Real Stories

Perfect Bid: The Contestant Who Knew Too Much is an award-winning documentary film from CJ Wallis ab ...View More

Super Strength Cocaine Epidemic: Life Inside the Cartel (Narcotics Documentary) | Real Stories

Four casual cocaine users discover the effect Colombia's super-strength cocaine is having on Britain ...View More

4 Wheel Bob: Wheelchair Hiking Across The Sierra Nevada (Endurance Documentary) | Real Stories

The award-winning documentary film 4 Wheel Bob tells the story of Bob Coomber, an intrepid adventure ...View More

Retrieving Cash: The Debt Collectors Are Coming (Money Documentary) | Real Stories

A series that follows High Court Enforcement Officers - also called Sheriffs - as they seek to recov ...View More

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