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15 Most Interesting Contraptions

Contraptions, gadgets, and homemade appliances. Let's take a look at some of the most interesting co ...View More

15 Times People Got Revenge on Their Neighbors

It's important to love thy neighbor, but sometimes that can be a little tough. Let's take a look at  ...View More

15 Crazy Engineering Mistakes

Engineers make mistakes too! And when they due there are usually big ramifications! Here are the 15  ...View More

15 Most Unusual Adaptations

Evolution has gone berserk! Strange and unusual adaptations offer unique advantages. Here are the 15 ...View More

15 Most Unique Flowers

There are many different types of flowers the world has to offer. Today we'll be taking a look at th ...View More

15 Biggest Buildings in the World

Stadiums, factories, and skyscrapers. Here are some of the biggest buildings in the world! I hope ev ...View More


Hail storms often happen by surprise, but usually don't cause serious harm or damage to property. Th ...View More

15 Incredible Chemical Reactions

Science is amazing! There are hundreds of strange but exciting chemical reactions known to science.  ...View More

15 Most EPIC Armored Vehicles

The vehicles we're used to driving are pretty mundane. Today, we'll be taking a look through the mos ...View More

TOP 15 Biggest Crystals

Crystals the size of cars, and more valuable than houses! Here are some of the biggest and most valu ...View More

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