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Taos Winds & Spirit Music  

Spirit Journey Meditation “Walking Between the Worlds”

Take a trip with your soul. Take a walk in Dreamtime. Connect to your soul, connect to the great spi ...View More

Alien Dream Chakra (ALL CHAKRA 18-minute daily Activation/Tune/Balance)

Clear the negativity from your energy self and your life with this beautifully powerful Chakra tunin ...View More

NEO CHAKRA ACTIVATION (ALL Chakra 7/21/108/114 Activation Frequencies)

Activate the fundamental life force within you and surrounding you. Generally, a much higher percent ...View More

MEDITATION - Bring Your Own Chant/Mantra

Repeatedly, I find myself chanting and Mantras every time I listen to this. I contemplated recording ...View More

FENG SHUI 639 Hz – Cleanse, Balance and Tune your Space (Home, Work, etc.)

Eliminate negative energy… invoke good, positive energy. These music/soundscape frequencies are wove ...View More

Astral Dream 33 (Astral Projection / Solitude Meditation)

Tap into YOU. Float away into the realm that exists just beyond the veil. Project yourself beyond th ...View More


(POWERFUL) In balance there is harmony. Out of balance everything is discordant, chaotic, frenzied.  ...View More

Pingala Nadi - Unique Cleansing/Flushing of the Masculine Prana Energy Primary Channel

The Pingala Nadi stream lies to the right of the Sushumna Nadi; the center stream of the three prima ...View More

Ida Nadi - Unique Cleansing/Flushing of the Feminine Prana Energy Primary Channel

Ida is connected with lunar energy, therefore, the feminine energy within us all. Unblocking the flo ...View More

Sushumna Nadi - Unique Cleansing/Flushing of the Prana Energy System

The rising and falling frequencies in this soundscape flush the Prana paths, moving fresh energy bac ...View More

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