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Taos Winds & Spirit Music  

Tears of Ganesh – A Prayer Meditation for India

Though I am far from India, it pains my heart greatly, I feel it from the other side of the world. T ...View More

(ROOT & HEART CHAKRA) In the Blink of an Eye (Calm Meditation)

Root and Heart Chakra combination for tuning, balancing, healing. I have had a lot of request for th ...View More

Solfeggio Chakra - All 7 primary Solfeggio and Chakra frequencies

All primary Solfeggio/Chakra frequencies woven within the soundscape. Bring your entire being into t ...View More

ASCEND – 45-minute daily healing meditation music

Ascend beyond the constricts of this realm, rise above it all, through and beyond the Crown Chakra ( ...View More

TRANSCEND – 45-minute daily meditation music

Transcend your perceived boundaries, go beyond what you have experienced before. The preferable meth ...View More

HER Children - A Meditation of Praise and Re-Cognition of HER, the Great Mother of us All

Let us call HER Eve… Whether you believe in creation (Adam and Eve/Garden of Eden), or you believe i ...View More

Walking the Spirit Path (15-minute tranquil meditation)

Walking the spirit path can sometimes feel a bit lonely. Obviously very few truly take that particul ...View More

Beautiful Feeling Inside (Warm your Spirit / Tranquil Meditation)

I call them as I experience them… this brought a warm tranquil feeling to my entire being. It's just ...View More

Dance with the Spirits (All Soul's Day/Samhain) Dance Meditation

I would normally put this up on Sunday morning, but since it is Halloween, All Hallows' Eve, Samhain ...View More

OPEN YOUR THIRD EYE (21-minute intense vibration technique)

What really happens when you open your Third Eye? There is a lot of misleading information out there ...View More

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