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The Great Awakening  

(2020) Rebirth | A Shamanic Documentary by David Al-Badri [REDUX]

Removed at 250000 views. Thanks Youtube. (00:00) Epic Intro (03:24) Prologue (12:25) Part 1. The Cat ...View More

My 5th Documentary Has Been Removed by Youtube - But We Can Get It Back!

My 5th documentary entitled 'Rebirth' has been removed by Youtube - at 250000 views - due to a compl ...View More

The Most Important Scene in Avatar Was A Deleted Scene (Ayahuasca Ceremony) #avatar #dmt

I have always suspected James Cameron had undergone an Ayahuasca ceremony when he traveled to the Am ...View More

(2022) The Return of You | A Documentary by David Al-Badri

(06:55) Part 1. Revelations (21:22) Part 2. Down The Rabbit Hole (33:33) Part 3. Spiritual War Dedic ...View More

Justin Trudeau and Doug Ford VS Canadian Citizens

This is how I feel about the leadership of my country. Complete slime. Globalist - corporate control ...View More

Jesse Ventura - The Crusader of Truth

Jesse Ventura being an absolute badass for 15 minutes straight! Jesse Ventura is an American politic ...View More

The Return of You (2021) | Trailer #2

I've spent a year trying to figure out how I'm going to relay this story. But, after much self negot ...View More

Senator David Norris Speaking The Truth UNCUT

Every time I have tried to upload a video about Israel and Palestine, it gets flagged before it uplo ...View More

The Return of Quetzalcoatl (TRAILER) - A Documentary by David Al-Badri

The Mayan Calendar depicts cycles of time. On December 21st 2012, a cycle came to an end and another ...View More

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