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Violent Storm and Tornado Hits Oman - May 5, 2021 عاصفة في عمان

A violent thunderstorm formed in northeastern Oman late May 4th through May 5th. Winds in excess of  ...View More

CRAZY Violent Storm Hits a City in China

A violent storm with winds of over 100 mph (161 kmh) hits the Chinese province of Jiangsu, and cause ...View More

M6.8 Earthquake Hits Offshore Miyagi, Japan - May 1, 2021 日本の地震

An earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 6.8 jolted northeast Japan on Saturday, shaking buildi ...View More

M6.0 Earthquake Hits Assam, India - Apr. 28, 2021 भूकंप आज

An earthquake with a magnitude of 6 has struck an area in northeast India, posing a serious threat t ...View More

Terrible Floods Hit Mecca, Saudi Arabia - Apr. 27, 2021 مكة الطقس

(Translated from Arabic): Tweeters shared videos documenting the torrential rains that fell in Makka ...View More

INCREDIBLE Lightning Bolt Strikes a Building

Location: Benidorm, Spain Date: Apr. 25, 2021 #lightning #shorts.

M6.0 Earthquake Hits Malang, Indonesia - Apr. 10, 2021 gempa bumi hari ini

A strong earthquake killed at least seven people and damaged buildings on Indonesia's main island of ...View More

Typhoon Surigae (Bising) Affects the Philippines - Apr. 18, 2021 bagyo #BisingPH

Strong winds and high waves lashed the eastern Philippines on Monday as the strongest typhoon ever r ...View More

MONSTER Super Typhoon Surigae (Bising) Satellite Imagery

The first super typhoon of the season in the West Pacific is closely approaching the Central Philipp ...View More

La Soufrière Volcano ERUPTS AGAIN in Saint Vincent - Apr. 13, 2021

La Soufriere volcano fired an enormous amount of ash and hot gas early Monday in the biggest explosi ...View More

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