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Disaster Compilations  

Update on My Channel [Please Watch Fully!]

The video pretty much sums it up. Please watch until the end if you truly care about the state of th ...View More

M7.0 Earthquake Hits Mexico - Sept. 7, 2021 sismo en México

A powerful earthquake struck the southwest of Mexico late Tuesday, causing widespread shaking as far ...View More

MAJOR Floods in Ecatepec de Morelos, Mexico - Sept. 6, 2021 inundaciones en Ecatepec

Ecatepec municipality, officially Ecatepec de Morelos, is situated in the State of Mexico, around 20 ...View More

Category 4 Hurricane Ida Hits Louisiana [Compilation] Aug. 29, 2021

The levees held. The power grid did not. Millions of Gulf Coast residents who survived Ida's devasta ...View More

Tornado Outbreak Hits Maryland and New Jersey - Sept. 1, 2021

Roadways turned into rivers. Downed trees and power lines blocked roads and damaged houses. And at l ...View More

MAJOR Floods in New York & New Jersey - Sept. 2, 2021

The New York area struggled on Thursday to overcome a devastating and deadly rainstorm brought on by ...View More

MAJOR Floods in Alcanar, Spain - Sept. 1, 2021 inundaciones en alcanar

Authorities in Spain remain on high alert after large parts of the country were hit by overnight sto ...View More

Tornado Hits Huludao, Liaoning, China - Aug. 25, 2021 葫芦岛龙卷风

(Translated from Chinese): At 4 pm on August 25, a tornado suddenly appeared near the Xiaoxiangou co ...View More

MASSIVE Explosion Hits Taraz, Kazakhstan - Aug. 26, 2021 Таразда жарылыс болды

A powerful explosion jolted the southern city of Taraz in Kazakhstan on Thursday evening. The explos ...View More

M7.2 Earthquake in Haiti - Aug. 14, 2021 [New Videos] Tranbleman tè an Ayiti

Eleven days after the Western Hemisphere's poorest nation was rocked by a 7.2 magnitude earthquake,  ...View More

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