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Music for the Body & Mind  

Emotional Healing Music, 432 Hz, Stress Relief, Meditation Music, Spa, Wipes out Negative Energy

This music was composed to rebalance the emotional body. For this purpose we have preferred to use t ...View More

Duerme Profundamente, Despierta con Energía, Meditación Guiada Relajante para el Insomnio.

Sigue la voz de Yolanda Calvo en esta Meditación que te puede ayudar a superar el Insomnio. Si duerm ...View More

528 Hz Positive Transformation, Emotional & Physical Healing, Healing Music, Positive Energy

For this track we have used 528 Hz solfeggio frequency. It has numerous beneficial effects: greater  ...View More

Indian Flute and Tibetan Bowls, Positive Vibrations, Healing Meditation, Yoga Music, Chakra Healing

Indian Flute and Tibetan Bowls are a very powerful combination for meditation. Use this music for yo ...View More

The Compassionate Breath, Guided Meditation, Healing Meditation, Positive Energy, Stress Relief

A deeply relaxing and healing guided meditation on the compassionate breath. Combining Loving Kindne ...View More

11 HOURS Relaxing Music For Stress Relief, Remove Negative Thoughts, Meditation, Spa, Sleep

Over 11 hours relaxing music without interruptions for stress relief. Ideal for creating a calm and  ...View More

417 hz Removes All Negative Blocks, Insomnia, Deep Sleep, Relaxing, Sleep Music, Healing Music

This tone cleanses traumatic experiences and removes destructive influences of past events. This tra ...View More

Grounding the Body and Mind, Guided Meditation, Mindfulness Relaxation, Stress Relief, Relaxing

A deeply restorative grounding practice to rebalance the body and mind through connecting with the e ...View More

Healing Meditation, No Loop, Cleanse Negative Energy, Sound Healing, Meditation Music

Two hours of no loop meditation music. This track is a collection of music for meditation and reiki. ...View More

432 Hz Healing Music, Reiki, Release Negative Energy, Angelic Healing Music, Meditation Music

By playing this music during Reiki treatments you will have help on a Physical, Mental, Emotional an ...View More

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