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Music for the Body & Mind  

528 Hz Cleanse Negative Energy

Full video here: #cleansenegativeenergy #528hz #shorts.

Relaxing Piano Music

Full video here: #relaxingmusic #relaxingpiano #shorts.

Yoga music India Sound

Full video here: #yogamusic #meditationmusic #shorts.

Power Nap Music

Full video here: #powernap #sleepmusic #shorts.

Peace of Mind, Reiki Music, Emotional & Physical Healing, Serenity, Peace, Meditation Music

This piece will take you to another dimension. Abandon yourself to the emotions that this music crea ...View More

111 Spiritual Awakening

Full video here: #111 #angelicmusic #shorts.

432hz Angelic Healing Music

Full video here: #432hz #angelichealing #shorts.

Reiki Music, Positive Energy Music, Heart Energy , Healing Music, Chakra Healing, Meditation

Let yourself be surrounded by music, free your mind, relax your body. This music will accompany you  ...View More

741 Hz Boost Immune System

Full video here: #741hz #boostimmunesystem #shorts.

963 Hz Frequency of God, 852 Hz Pineal Gland Activation, Open Your Third Eye, Spiritual Connection

In this piece the solfeggio frequencies 963 Hz and 852 Hz alternate. The first can facilitate connec ...View More

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