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The Invisible Man  

Stuck In My Childhood Bedroom (My Life With ME/CFS)

Kind of going out on a limb here. 0:00 My Illness 3:15 My Non-Life 7:45 On Suffering 9:49 Looking Fo ...View More

Sam Harris Vs BBC on Racism

I own nothing, I am invisible.

Jordan Peterson Vs Milo On His Fall From Grace

Idk Full Convo: Follow me on Twitter, if you like inco ...View More

Kyle Kulinski Vs Charlie Kirk

See the full debate:

Sam Seder Vs Tim Pool

Watch the full conversation hither:

The Weird Genius Of Shia LaBeouf

Genius means carrying the child spirit into adulthood. I don't think anyone can deny that Shia does  ...View More

The World Has Gotten Better And The Media Hates It | Pinker & Peterson

Progress does not mean that everything gets better for everyone everywhere all the time. That would  ...View More

The Problem With Candace Owens | Coleman Hughes

From Coleman's interview with Rebel Wisdom - link below

Coleman Hughes: How Minds Change

From Interview With Rebel Wisdom:

Eckhart Tolle Explains The Political Divide

From Eckhart Tolle on The Rubin Report:

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