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Plate Tectonics: The Mystery of Earth's Many Faces

Plate tectonics is the narrative arc that ties every episode in Earth's geologic history together. T ...View More

Iceland Is a Portal to Mars

Volcanoes are intimately connected with life. Scientists are using the current eruptions in Iceland  ...View More

Fighting for Equality in Computer Science and Beyond

Rediet Abebe uses the tools of theoretical computer science to understand pressing social problems — ...View More

How to Shrink Big Data

Jelani Nelson, a computer scientist at the University of California, Berkeley, expands the theoretic ...View More

Inside Dynamical Systems and the Mathematics of Change

Bryna Kra searches for structures using symbolic dynamics. “[I love] finding order where you didn't  ...View More

The Cosmologist Who Dreams of Dark Matter

Cora Dvorkin studies the invisible universe. Known as dark matter, it is thought to comprise roughly ...View More

The Extraordinary Math Hidden in Everyday Life

L. Mahadevan is a professor of applied mathematics, physics, and organismic and evolutionary biology ...View More

Meet One of NASA's Pioneering Women

In 1967, Christine Darden was added to the pool of "human computers" who wrote complex programs and  ...View More

What Makes Physics Beautiful, According to a Nobel Prize Winner

In 1972, Frank Wilczek and his thesis adviser, David Gross, discovered the basic theory of the stron ...View More

The Riemann Hypothesis, Explained

The Riemann hypothesis is the most notorious unsolved problem in all of mathematics. Ever since it w ...View More

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