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The $700 Million Dollar Nuclear Powered Superyacht

What if your next cruise ship vacation… could save the world? And when we say save the world, we ACT ...View More

These Families Make More Than Some Countries

Welcome back, Richest fans! All the time, we hear about the wealthiest people in the world battling  ...View More

The Most Expensive Buildings In The World

In this top ten list, we will show you some incredible buildings and how much they cost. Moreover, w ...View More

Treasures Of Qin Shi Huang And The Terracotta Army

Even more than 2000 years after his reign, Emperor Qin Shi Huang of the Qin Dynasty has left treasur ...View More

Tesla's New Roadster Will Have A SpaceX Rocket

You wanna go fast? Got the need for speed? Wanna take your acceleration to the next level and leave  ...View More

Billionaires That Grew Up Poor

Welcome back, Richest fans! Rags to riches. It's a cornerstone of the American Dream. To arrive with ...View More

The Ultra Rich Are Trying To Live Forever

Welcome back, Richest fans! Since the dawn of time, humans have been infatuated with immortality. Ho ...View More

A Look Inside Dubai's Martian City In The Desert

The United Arab Emirates' Mars Science City cost $135 million to build, and in the future biosphere  ...View More

Mansions Hidden In Secret Locations

Welcome back, Richest fans! Sometimes, we've all wanted to up sticks and move into the middle of now ...View More

New York's New Residential Towers

Subscribe for more amazing videos! ▻ ◅ Where do you go when you w ...View More

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