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Taylor Nicole Dea | Animal Youtuber  

Upgrading ALL My Reptile Enclosures (Officially Returning)

hi! nothing to kick off coming back like doing a mass upgrade on my reptile enclosures :) the footag ...View More

My Health After Escaping Heroin Addiction

hi.. how y'all doin ???? have u enjoyed my consistent uploads since my return? :) :) :) i'm dumb and ...View More

HOW TO RUIN UR LIFE 101 (I Left Youtube for Over a Year)

if u haven't's been a year and six months since i last recorded a youtube video, lol. I ...View More

All of the BEST Beginner Snakes (No, Not Ball Pythons)

Thanks to Audible for sponsoring this video! To get a free audiobook with a 30 day free trial, go to ...View More

REACTING TO OUR FIRST PET CARE VIDEOS (feat. Emilee Rose and Emma Lynne Sampson)

Hello everyone!! in this video we react to our very first pet care videos that we posted on youtube! ...View More


Thank you to better help for sponsoring! If you feel like you need someone to talk to or are struggl ...View More


I've mentioned my corn snake Lego before, but never done a full video talking about them. Here's a v ...View More

$10,000 SNAKE vs $200 SNAKE (My Two New Pets)

SSSSSERPTEMBER IS HERE, time for a month of snake videos! Today we are introducing my two new snakes ...View More

AQUARIUM SUPPLY HAUL | What I Buy For Reef Tanks

a fish tank supply haul! just some of the stuff i like to get for my saltwater aquariums. If you're  ...View More

My Mistakes (Involving My Pet Care)

Talking about which mistakes I have made, and which I have not, in response to all the allegations I ...View More

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