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Ancient Civilisations  

Who was Sarpedon? | Life of the King of Lycia

King Sarpedon of Lycia was among the most distinguished heroes of the Trojan war. In this episode, w ...View More

Fall of the Minoan Civilization (c. 1450 BC)

In this episode, we cover the fall of the Minoan civilization, from the Thera volcanic eruption to t ...View More

History of the Mycenaean Sparta (1600-1100 BC)

In the first episode of the Spartan History series, we talk about the Mycenaean Sparta of the Bronze ...View More

Minoan Women: Matriarchy in Minoan Crete?

The Minoan civilization is famed for its rich architecture, art and economic wealth they achieved th ...View More

Ancient Phrygia: Historical King Midas (738-695 BC)

In this episode, we go through the reign of king Midas, during whose time Phrygia reached the peak o ...View More

Who was Memnon? | Story of the Ethiopian Hero

We know him as one of the great heroes of the Trojan war, who led his numerous Ethiopian army in aid ...View More

Orestes (Part 2) - Reign and War against the Heracleidae

As the Mycenaean king Orestes consolidated his rule on the Peloponnese, we encountered a new threat  ...View More

Rise of Minoan Civilization (2000-1700 BC) - Old Palace Period

In the 2nd episode of the Minoan History, we cover the Old Palace era on Crete, a period where the M ...View More

Did Battle between Achilles and Hector Really Happen?

PATREON - Please SUBSCRIBE for more content. Follow WanaxTV: Twitter - ht ...View More

Ancient Phrygia: Kingdom of Gordian Knot and Midas' Golden Touch

In the first episode on ancient Phrygia, we will go through the kingdom's mythological beginnings an ...View More

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