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Was The Universe Made Just For Us? | Cosmic Vistas | Spark

Explore answers to an age-old question: was the universe made just for us? Hear what science has to  ...View More

Neil Armstrong: First Man On The Moon (feat. Harrison Ford) [4K] | ARMSTRONG | Spark

Dramatic, moving and deeply human, ARMSTRONG offers the definitive life story of Neil Armstrong: fro ...View More

Searching For The World's Most Famous Meteor | Meteorite Men | Spark

Geoff and Steve team up with meteorite hunter Sonny Clary and his faithful canine companion, Brix, t ...View More

Meteor Hunters Follow Ash Creek Meteor Caught On Camera | Meteorite Men | Spark

Ash Creek is the site of the most recent recorded meteorite fall in the United States (February 15,  ...View More

How Are Stars Born? | Cosmic Vistas | Spark

Take an intimate look at the real lives of stars and what they're made of. Find out why these celest ...View More

60,000 Year Old Giant Meteorite That Hit Odessa, Texas | Meteorite Men | Spark

Geoff and Steve arrive at the famous 63000 year-old meteorite crater near Odessa, Texas with a dazzl ...View More

Studying Dark Energy: Mysterious Force That Shaped The Universe | Cosmic Vistas | Spark

We can't see it, but dark energy is thought to be a main force shaping the universe. View the latest ...View More

Mystery Of The Ring Meteor In Tucson, Arizona | Meteorite Men | Spark

In the 1850's a Mexican farmer came across a huge meteorite in Arizona. It became known as the "Tucs ...View More

What Is The Curiosity Rover Doing On Mars? | Cosmic Vistas | Spark

For decades, orbiters and tiny vehicles have roamed Mars, searching for signs of life. Get the lates ...View More

Constellations : The Beautiful Nebulas And Galaxies Within Them | Cosmic Vistas | Spark

A closer look at constellations reveals more than just star shapes that represent gods travelling ac ...View More

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