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Mystery Of The Ring Meteor In Tucson, Arizona | Meteorite Men | Spark

In the 1850's a Mexican farmer came across a huge meteorite in Arizona. It became known as the "Tucs ...View More

What Is The Curiosity Rover Doing On Mars? | Cosmic Vistas | Spark

For decades, orbiters and tiny vehicles have roamed Mars, searching for signs of life. Get the lates ...View More

Constellations : The Beautiful Nebulas And Galaxies Within Them | Cosmic Vistas | Spark

A closer look at constellations reveals more than just star shapes that represent gods travelling ac ...View More

Can Our DNA Make Us Commit Crimes? | Predict my Future: The Science of Us Episode 2 | Spark

What happens when young people run off the rails? Based on the Dunedin Longitudinal Study results, t ...View More

The Life Cycle Of Black Holes | Black Hole | Spark

Black holes are the universe at its most extreme: matter and energy crunched so small they literally ...View More

Nature Vs Nurture | Predict my Future: The Science of Us Episode 1 | Spark

This episode introduces the Dunedin Longitudinal Study, begun in 1972 and continuing today. It then  ...View More

20th Century Pilots Who Flew 11,000-miles In 28 days | The Greatest Air Race | Spark

The Greatest Air Race is presented and narrated by astronaut Andy Thomas as he embarks on a trans-co ...View More

How Does One Build A Research Station In The South Pole? | Extreme Mission In Antarctica | Spark

How do you build a research station in Antarctica? The wild Antarctic ocean is the definition of 'ex ...View More

Hunting For Large Meteorites In Brenham, Kansas | Meteorite Men | Spark

In this episode, the pair land in Brenham, Kansas where for more than a century; pieces of a large m ...View More

Landsat 8: The $900 Million Advanced Satellite | Cosmic Vistas | Spark

Get a closer look at Landsat 8, the $900 million advanced planetary explorer that's designed to peer ...View More

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