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  History of the Wars of MandKind  

Why the Russian Colonization of the Americas Failed - DOCUMENTARY

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Is the Witcher Entirely Polish? - Kings and Generals Lore #shorts

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Invasion of New Britain - Pacific War #9 Animated DOCUMENTARY

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Ancient Origins of the Kievan Rus: From Rurikids to Mongols DOCUMENTARY

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Was Subutai Ever Defeated in Battle? - Medieval history #shorts

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How the Mongols Lost China - Medieval History Animated DOCUMENTARY

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Was Caesar Assassinated for Cuckolding the Wrong People? #shorts

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When the French Kings Kidnapped the Pope - Avignon Papacy DOCUMENTARY

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How to Use Inverted Crescent to Win Battles - Ancient Tactics #shorts

New Kings and Generals short will describe how to use the Crescent Formation in battles to defeat op ...View More

Battle for the Dutch East Indies - Pacific War #8 Animated DOCUMENTARY

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