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Acid Attack: Naomi's Tragic Story (Crime Documentary) | Real Stories

Documentary on the increase of acid attacks in the UK, with a focus on Naomi Oni, who was doused in  ...View More

Ukweli (Truth) | A New Original Documentary | Real Stories

A documentary produced by Google that offers a glimpse into the lives of three Congolese artists loo ...View More

Segregated America: A High School in South Carolina (Education Documentary) | Real Stories

At Orangeburg-Wilkinson, a predominantly African-American high school in South Carolina, cameras fol ...View More

Russia's Forgotten Orphans | Children of the State (Orphanage Documentary) | Real Stories

Each year all over the world the number of families who can't have their biological children is grow ...View More

The Real Peaky Blinders | Infamous Gangs Of Birmingham (True Crime Documentary) | Real Stories

This documentary investigate the rise and fall of Birmingham's infamous gang culture, as well as the ...View More

Taking On the Taliban: The Life of US Troops in Afghanistan (War POV Documentary) | Real Stories

In this powerful HBO documentary, award-winning journalist Ben Anderson tells the story of Bravo Com ...View More

Can Cannabis Save Our Son From Severe Epilepsy? (Medical Documentary) | Real Stories

Loved for their critiquing of TV programmes on Gogglebox, Steph and Dom Parker are infamous bon vive ...View More

Our Sensei with No Eyes: Growing an "Army of the Blind" | Real Stories Indie Doc

Johnny Tai is a blind martial artist and self-defense instructor. Underneath his independence lies a ...View More

What Really Killed Michael Jackson? (Mystery Documentary) | Real Stories

Killing Michael Jackson is a 2019 documentary film directed and produced by ZigZag, focusing on the  ...View More

Inside North Korea: Western Artists On Tour in a Dictatorship (Global Documentary) | Real Stories

What happens when a group of international artists travels to North Korea to create art, the like of ...View More

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