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Volcano Time-Lapse  

June 14, 2021, ~ Series of Explosions ~ Volcan De Fuego, Guatemala ~ Via Crelosa

At 22:51 hours a series of explosions was recorded. Visit Crelosa: ...View More

June 13, 2021, ~ Explosion (Real-Time) ~ Volcan De Fuego, Guatemala ~ Via Crelosa

I had to post this because I've not edited anything in weeks! UGh, things are S L O W !! But Fuego k ...View More

June 1, 2021, ~ Explosions -w- Ballistic Fragments ~ Volcan De Fuego, Guatemala ~ Via Crelosa

Two early morning blasts with large sprays of ballistic fragments. Visit this wonderful camera: http ...View More

May 20, 2021 ~ Mild Explosion ~ Popocatepetl Volcano, Mexico ~ Via webcamsdemexico

Snow-covered Popocatepetl Volcano with a mild explosion at 01:47 CDT. Thank you, gracias, to webcams ...View More

May 19, 2021, ~ Paroxysm at Etna's Southeast Crater ~ Mount Etna, Italy

In the early hours of May 19, 2021, Etna surprised us with a new paroxysmal episode at the Southeast ...View More

May 21, 2021, ~ Eruption (Paroxysm) ~ Sangay Volcano, Ecuador SA ~ 18:49 Hrs.

A large eruption with an ash plume rising up to 24000 ft erupts out of Sangay volcano in Ecuador. La ...View More

May 8, 2021, ~ Fissure Activity ~ Volcan De Pacaya, Guatemala ~ 18:33 - 19:00 Hours

At sundown tonight, the fountaining activity at the fissure was just getting interesting and the clo ...View More

May 14, 2021, ~ Explosions ~ Volcan De Fuego, Guatemala

Two daytime explosions from today. Note the thick spray of ballistic fragments slamming onto the slo ...View More

May 11, 2021, ~ Explosion ~ Volcan De Fuego, Guatemala

A really beautiful explosion from a one-of-a-kind volcano. Visit Crelosa: ...View More

May 11, 2021, ~ Daytime Explosions ~ Volcan De Fuego, Guatemala

Morning explosions. Visit Crelosa:

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