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Connor and India are joined by paranormal investigators Richard Estep, Sarah Stream, and Josh Heard  ...View More

FAN joins paranormal investigation and DISAPPEARS (Horrifying Asylum)

Patreon fan joins us on an overnight paranormal investigation Halloween Event Tickets: https://geni. ...View More

SHOCKING ANNOUNCEMENT!!! (MindSeed TV Halloween Event & More)

THE BIGGEST THING WE'VE EVER DONE! RSVP Halloween Tickets: 25% Discount ...View More

THIS Is The SCARIEST Paranormal VIDEO On The Internet (OVERNIGHT @ Haunted House) | PARANORMAL FILES

I've NEVER heard a ghost SCREAM like this... UNTIL NOW. The paranormal activity that we captured in  ...View More

How I Delay My Voice

When teenager Gracie Scullion from Pennsylvania, US, discovered that she had a special talent for de ...View More

Skydiving at 103 years old

Connect with StoryTrender: Submit your video: Follow us  ...View More

I'm In Love With An Alien

Abbie Bella from the UK claims that she's in love with an alien. She also believes that she can tele ...View More

This Doll Has 'Mood Swings'

When Lyann from the US received a gift from a co-worker for her three-year-old daughter, Zoe, she go ...View More

Why Is My Baby So Hairy?

Mum Kei'Yonna Gumbs, from Texas, US, was shocked to discover her three-month-year-old daughter was h ...View More

Our Top 8 Scariest Moments EVER (With Papa Spooks!!) | Ghost Hunting | THE PARANORMAL FILES

My dad Jeff and I have been ALL OVER THE WORLD ghost hunting in abandoned hospitals, haunted houses  ...View More

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