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3 True Disturbing October Horror Stories

To kick off the season, here are three allegedly true horror stories that happened in October, sent  ...View More


This psychic told me the ghost wants to "DESTROY" me. And hurt my family. This haunted mansion is RE ...View More

The REAL CANDYMAN (Hunting A Serial Killer's GHOST) | THE PARANORMAL FILES | Full Movie | 2021

If you're going to see “CANDYMAN” (2021), and watch the full movie, you NEED to know the true story  ...View More

"There's A Dead Body Back There": The POWER PLANT of DEATH | Haunted Abandoned | PARANORMAL FILES

This haunted POWER PLANT is the most dangerous place in America. DO NOT go here alone. The paranorma ...View More

DEMON Caught On CAMERA @ THE SALLIE HOUSE (America's Most Haunted) | Movie | The Paranormal Files

The most haunted house in America- the SALLIE HOUSE. This is the episode you've been waiting for. Th ...View More

The Most HAUNTED HOTEL in Missouri (WARNING: SCARY) | Full Length Documentary | THE PARANORMAL FILES

This is one of the scariest places I've ever been. And a ghost HIT on my fiance!! I can't believe th ...View More

5 Freaky Videos Recorded by RING Cameras

Sorry for my absence, I have not been able to work on any youtube videos these past few weeks, but I ...View More

5 Disturbing Voicemails with Backstories

You're about to listen to 5 different voicemails that come with disturbing backstories. Insta: https ...View More

3 True Scary Horror Stories

Here are three allegedly true horror sent by viewers with no specific theme, narrated in first-perso ...View More

3 Internet ads with Sinister Backstories

These are three online ads that were posted to the internet that had some pretty dark backstories. A ...View More

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