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Manifesting What You Want: Are You Being the Cause or the Effect? | Law of Attraction

Manifesting what you want means being the CAUSE rather than the effect. FREE CLASS & MEDITATION: HOW ...View More

How to Reprogram a Permanent Change in Your Subconscious Mind (This Works!) | Law of Attraction

Learn how to reprogram a permanent change in your subconscious mind! ✓ FREE CLASS & MEDITATION: HOW  ...View More

The 8 Languages of the Subconscious Mind (Subconscious Mind Reprogramming) | Law of Attraction

Learn the 8 languages of the subconscious mind so you can begin reprogramming positive life changes  ...View More

11 POWERFUL "I AM" Morning Affirmations for POSITIVE ENERGY (These Will Transform Your Life!)

11 of my favorite morning affirmations for positive energy and manifestation success! ✓FREE CLASS &  ...View More

You May Never Turn on Your TV Again After Watching This

Learn about the damaging effects of TV on your mind and body. ✓ FREE CLASS & MEDITATION MP3: HOW TO  ...View More

Neville Goddard | “The Being You REALLY Are is God” (POWERFUL Lecture) | Law of Attraction

"The being in you is God.” - Neville Goddard ✓ FREE CLASS & MEDITATION: HOW TO TRAIN YOUR BRAIN FOR  ...View More

What Positive Thinking Does to Your Brain, Body and Life! | Law of Attraction

Here's what positive thinking does to your brain, body and life! ✓ FREE CLASS & MEDITATION: HOW TO T ...View More

Quantum Physics & 5th Dimension Manifestation (How it Works!) | Law of Attraction

Quantum physics & 5th Dimension Manifesting (How it Works!) ✓ FREE CLASS & MEDITATION: HOW TO TRAIN  ...View More

Neville Goddard | You’re In A Dream (Lecture) | Law of Attraction

Neville Goddard 1969 lecture read by Jessica Connor, Ph.D. ✓ FREE CLASS AND MEDITATION: HOW TO TRAIN ...View More

“It Goes Straight to Your Subconscious Mind” 8 Hours Subconscious Mind Programming Sleep Meditation

Listen to this subconscious mind programming sleep meditation every night! ✓ FREE CLASS & MEDITATION ...View More

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