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  Ancient Civilisation  

King Kres: Ancient Greek Memory of the Minoan Past

Ancient Greeks did not know their Minoan predecessors as "Minoan", but rather used a term "Eteocreta ...View More

Why Hittites never tried to conquer Mycenaean Greece?

Hittites were one of the great powers of the Bronze Age, famed for their numerous conquests and wars ...View More

Agis I: Rise of Sparta in Greek Dark Ages (930-900 BC)

In the next episode of Spartan History series, we talk about the early beginnings of the famed city- ...View More

Foundation of Achaea in Greek Dark Ages

Following the fall of Mycenae, the four sons of the final Mycenaean king Tisamenus, headed north in  ...View More

Sparta in Greek Dark Ages (c. 1100-800 BC)

In this episode we go through the Spartan history in Greek Dark Ages, from the fall of Mycenaean Gre ...View More

Eurypon and Echestratus: Spartan Expansion in Arcadia (c. 900-860 BC)

The new series covering Sparta in the Greek Dark Ages continues with kings Eurypon (son of Soos and  ...View More

Eteocretans: Minoans under Mycenaean Crete (1450-1100 BC)

Following the collapse of the Minoan civilization (c. 1450 BCE), the Mycenaeans from the Greek mainl ...View More

Early Neolithic Greece (7000-5800 BCE): Pre-Mycenaean History Part 1

In the first episode of the Pre-Mycenaean Greece series, we talk about the Early Neolithic Period an ...View More

Spartan Rivalry with Argos in Greek Dark Ages (c. 870-800 BC)

As Sparta in the Dark Ages series comes to an end, we examine the Peloponnesian affairs in the 9th c ...View More

Who was Idomeneus? | King of Crete during the Trojan War

We know him as one of the heroes of the Trojan war, a mighty ruler of Crete that supported the Achae ...View More

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