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  Ancient Civilisation  

Troy - History of the City before Trojan War

The legendary city of Troy is widely known for its role in the Trojan war, where it was ultimately d ...View More

King Sthenelus and the Mycenaean Consolidation

In this episode, we review the costly Taphian war and go through the rise and reign of legendary kin ...View More

Thutmose III and the Mycenaean Delegation (1437 BCE)

In 1437 BCE, Thutmose III of Egypt set onto one of his many military campaigns. Upon putting down a  ...View More

Piyamaradu - Enemy of the Hittites (PART I)

In this episode, we talk about the exploits of Piyamaradu (Piyama-Radu / Piyamaradus), an Anatolian  ...View More

Heracles' Sack of Troy? | Achaean-Hittite War over Ilion (Wilusa) c. 1265 BC

During the early reign of Hittite king Hattusili III and corresponding the time of mythical Eurysthe ...View More

The Great Revolt & The Siege of Masada // History Documentary

15:48 - Part I - Age of the Messiahs 33:48 - Part II - War For The Holy Land 43:52 - Part III - The  ...View More

Who was Hector? | Early Life of the Prince of Troy

We know him as a hero of the Trojan war, the greatest warrior among the Trojans. But who was really  ...View More

Achaean History - Society of the Mycenaean Greece

First episode of the Achaean History by WanaxTV. We present the overview of the Mycenaean Society, i ...View More

Who was Odysseus? | Early Life of the King of Ithaca

We know him as a great hero of the Trojan war and the protagonist of legendary adventures described  ...View More

Achaean-Hittite Conflict (1400 BC) - Battle of Zippasla & Mycenaean Expansion into Anatolia

Achaean expansion into Anatolia brought them into conflict with the Hittites. In this video, we talk ...View More

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