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How Much Would It Cost To Build The Great Wall Of China Today

What would it cost to make a modern Great Wall of China? The original wall took an estimated 2000 ye ...View More

Inside India’s Underwater Bullet Train

Welcome back, Richest fans! India is set to undergo one of their biggest train system updates. They  ...View More

Which Country Has Spent The Most On The Olympics

Hosting the Olympics is extremely expensive. The 1896 Summer Olympics, which were held in Athens, Gr ...View More

People Who Became Super Rich By Accident

Some of the world's most popular products were created completely by accident. You probably use thes ...View More

Crazy Celebrity Mansions You Need To See To Believe (The Rock, Drake, John Travolta) | Compilation

Check out the original videos here: A Look Inside John Travolta's Airport Mansion ...View More

Inside A Billionaire's Morning Routine

Becoming a billionaire is an easy dream to have, and to be frank, it's a dream that many of us have  ...View More

South Korea's Million Dollar Toilet Themed Home

Have you ever loved something so much, you've wanted to dedicate your life to it? We're talking maki ...View More

How The Weeknd Spends $100 Million Dollars

The Weeknd is one of the most successful singers in the world. With a current net worth of about $10 ...View More

The Most Expensive Chocolate In The World

The world's most expensive chocolate bar is To'ak's “Art Series Blend”. It's made with rare cacao be ...View More

Inside Usain Bolt's Insane $2 Million Dollar Penthouse

Welcome back, Richest fans! Usain Bolt is perhaps one of the most iconic track athletes to set fit i ...View More

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