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April 22, 2021  

F1 Best overtakes of the decade (2000-2009)

My opinion on some of the best overtakes in the one of the best decades for F1 #f1 #overtakes #decad ...View More

F1 Top 10 Liveries and designs of the 2000's


Sakhir GP 2020 REVIEW

F1 #sergioperez #georgerussell.

Bahrain GP 2020 REVIEW

F1 #BahrainGP #Grosjean #LewisHamilton.

Fernando Alonso - Magico

FernandoAlonso #beststarter #onboard #f1 #victory #overtakes.

Dust devil spotted behind the Ingenuity Mars Helicopter by the Perseverance Rover

Mars dust devils are a real thing. Since the landing of the NASA Perseverance rover, scientist have  ...View More

Something Strange is Surrounding Our Solar System.. | 10 INSANE Space Discoveries

Something strange is surrounding our solar system. Here are 10 space discoveries that may shock! Ast ...View More

Ingenuity Mars helicopter lifts off the Martian soil, history made w/ first Mars helicopter flight

The Ingenuity Mars helicopter finally made its first Mars flight. After testing the rotor blades for ...View More

Perseverance just captured human like figure on Mars with Mastcam-Z

The Perseverance rover has so far captured some pretty crazy Mars photos. With NASA at the forefront ...View More

Stains and Footprints on Mars surface spotted by Perseverance Rover

With recent Mars photos from the Perseverance rover, NASA scientists have discovered potential stain ...View More

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