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October 14, 2021  

The Egyptian and Hittite Peace Treaty | Lost Treasures of Egypt

While Ramses II is often hailed for his military achievements and his skill as a warrior, he was als ...View More

Road Trip to the Sawtooth Mountains | National Geographic

National Geographic Photographer Sofia Jaramillo returns to the Sawtooth Mountains in Idaho, where s ...View More

Man rescues a wild horse and gets an incredible "thank you" in a few moments

Many people are sure that only humans are capable of experiencing and expressing deep feelings, whil ...View More

The child saw a huge dog on the street, and what he did was amazing

You can't argue with the fact that dogs make adorable pets. Unsurprisingly, they are considered the  ...View More

A man saw an old chain in the ground and decided to pull it. He discovered something incredible!

There have been many interesting discoveries in the world, and many heartwarming life stories with a ...View More

One in a Billion! The Rarest Cats in the World

Did you know about the existence of an unusual six-legged cat? What about an incredible two-faced ca ...View More

His instincts didn’t let him down: the dog heard the baby cry and helped save her!

Charmaine Keevy is an ordinary woman living in South Africa. She is 63 years old and owns a dachshun ...View More

Funniest Cats

Thanks for watching my channel and video SUBSCRIBE to my channel for new cats videos We really hope  ...View More

Baby Cats Cute and Funny Cat Videos Compilation #Shorts

Watching funny baby cats is the hardest try not to laugh challenge. Baby cats are amazing creature b ...View More

Hi, thanks for watching our cute and funny dog and cat videos compilation! You will find the cutest  ...View More

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