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June 21, 2022  

How the National Science Foundation Supports and Translates Innovation

This program will give background on how technology research, innovation and transformation occurs f ...View More

Keith Boykin: The Politics of a Darkening America

After the events that took place over the course of 2020, America remains more divided than ever. Wh ...View More

Just Because a Drug is FDA Approved Doesn't Mean it Works

The drug approval process in the United States is complicated. There are many stakeholders and varyi ...View More

Dance With Your Spirit - Spiritual Energy Cleansing

Spiritual Energy Cleansing. Let the energy of your spirit flow through you, around you, cleansing an ...View More

حتما سنعود و الحب يسود

Watch Full Video: #shorts #الحب_يسود #worldrefugeeday.

Maher Zain - Love Will Prevail | World Refugee Day

Refugees are you and I in different circumstances. The only thing refugees have is hope, and hope is ...View More

OMG So Cute Cats ♥️ Best Funny Cat Videos #cutecats #short #ytshorts #funnycats #funnyshorts

OMG So Cute Cats ♥️ Best Funny Cat Videos #cutecats #short #ytshorts #funnycats #funnyshorts.

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